Care of Your Treasures

All of these treasures are made of high quality components.  However, all plated and base metals, including sterling silver and gold-fill, are susceptible to tarnish.  The folowing are care instructions suitable for most fashion jewelry.  With the proper care, all of your jewelry can give you years of pleasure.

To keep your jewelry from tarnishing....

Store your jewelry in plastic boxes or plastic zip-lock bags.  Each purchase will include a special non-tarnish tab which will provide additional protection.

Do not wear your jewelry when bathing or swimming or immerse in water.

Perfumes and hair products contain chemicals than can damage your jewelry.  Apply these products before putting on your jewelry.

If your jewelry does become tarnished....
Brush gently with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.  Blot with a wet cloth then buff lightly to dry and polish.  Most beads are not harmed by this method but if possible avoid excess rubbing.  Exceptions are synthetic pearls which may have a coating that could peel off and unglazed ceramic or clay beads which will absorb chemicals and moisture.

Sunshine ® Brand polishing and cleaning cloths work exceptionally well on all kinds of jewelry.  Click Here  for more details and ordering information.


Your new treasure is guaranteed against any defects for one year.  If there is a problem,
please return your piece for repair or replacement.

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       Update:  June 15, 2003 -- Sunday.